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What Hoosier Republicans Are Saying About Elise

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“I am committed to growing one of the brightest economic beacons in America – the State of Indiana.”
– Elise Nieshalla


Elise is a successful entrepreneur in real estate investments, President of the Boone County Council, Vice President of the Indiana County Councils Association and the Indiana County Councilor of the Year in 2018. She has been married to Chris for 25 years and they have four children who they are raising on the bedrock of faith, family and freedom.

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What Republicans Are Saying About Elise

“Elise is a solid conservative who is in tune with Hoosiers and grounded in our core values. The State Treasurer’s Office will be in great hands with her at the helm.”

Judy Buck
5th District GOP Chair

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Elise Nieshalla for many years. She is an insightful, inspiring, and energetic leader with high integrity. Elise will be an excellent Treasurer as she fights for Hoosiers’ economic freedoms, and I am pleased to offer her my full endorsement.

Curt Smith
Chairman of the Board, Indiana Family Institute

Elise Nieshalla will bring important local government experience to the State Treasurer’s office. I know Elise will be a hardworking, relentless advocate for good government, fiscal responsibility, and smart stewardship of Hoosiers’ tax dollars as Indiana’s next State Treasurer.”

Linda Sanders
Councilwoman, Indiana County Councils Association and Shelby County

Elise has proven conservative fiscal management experience and is a strong leader. Her vision for serving as our next State Treasurer is perfectly aligned with the roles and responsibilities of this important office.

Ryan Mishler
State Senator

I’ve witnessed Elise Nieshalla advocate for counties. I know she will use the same depth of conviction to safeguard Indiana’s financial assets and defend Hoosiers’ economic freedom and privacy against serious federal overreach.”

Jeff Thompson
State Representative

Elise has the experience in business, government fiscal management and economic development to be a great State Treasurer. Elise will work hand-in-hand with state and local Republican leaders to create jobs, keep taxes low, keep our economy strong, and improve Hoosiers’ quality of life.

Steve Braun
Former Commissioner, Indiana Workforce Development

Elise is the principled, passionate, qualified leader we need to serve as Indiana’s next Republican State Treasurer. She has the government and private sector experience needed to make sure Indiana’s financial assets are growing and safeguarded.

Jim Buck
State Senator

Elise is an experienced, qualified leader and a tremendous partner in good governance at all levels. She will serve us extremely well as Indiana’s next Chief Investment Officer.

Donna Schaibley
State Representative

I’ve worked extensively with Elise as a fellow officer of ICCA, and she is well prepared to serve Hoosiers as our next State Treasurer!

Sue Ann Mitchell
Kosciusko County Council, President

Elise Nieshalla is an experienced, proven leader who is the perfect choice to serve as Indiana’s next State Treasurer! Her experience running a small business and serving in local government has equipped her with the skills necessary for success. She is guided by her conservative principles of limited government and individual freedom. As a fiscal conservative, Elise understands the importance of investing wisely and good money management. I fully support Elise to serve as Indiana’s next State Treasurer!

Brian Buchanan
State Senator

Elise Nieshalla has the government and business experience, and conservative values, to be a great State Treasurer. She has my full support, and I am enthusiastically endorsing her.

Jeff Papa
Chief of Staff and General Counsel, Indiana State Senate

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“For every dollar earned in interest, that’s one less dollar needed in taxes.”
– Elise Nieshalla


Brad Rogers, Elkhart County Commissioner

Cindy Ledbetter, State Representative

Ryan McCann, Executive Director, IFI (personal capacity)

Jodi Smith, Lobbyist for Indiana Right to Life (personal capacity)

Dr. Alex Choi, Zionsville Town CouncilMarsha Abell Barnhart, former Vanderburgh County Commissioner

Tim Neese, former Mayor of Elkhart

Mike Speedy, State Representative

Beth Leisure, President of the Wayne County Council

Jim Buck, State Senator

Judy Buck, 5th District GOP Chair

Linda Sanders, President, Indiana County Councils Association and Shelby County Councilwoman

Curt Smith, Chairman of the Board, Indiana Family Institute

State Senator Ryan Mishler

State Senator Brian Buchanan

State Representative Jeff Thompson

State Representative Donna Schaibley

Indiana State Senate Chief of Staff and General Counsel Jeff Papa

Indiana County Councils Association President and Kosciusko County Councilwoman Sue Ann Mitchell

Steve Braun, Former Commissioner, Indiana Workforce Development

Boone County Republican Central Committee:

Debbie Ottinger, Chair

Nathan Frampton, Vice Chair

Jeff Jacob, Secretary

Ken Hedge, Treasurer

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