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Don’t Believe the False Attacks

Let the light shine bright! Our campaign and message of economic freedom is connecting with delegates across Indiana, and our momentum is growing! As a result, you may have received a cowardly, anonymous email claiming I want to raise taxes. This is 100% false. 

For the last year, I have led the effort diligently pursuing funding options that DO NOT include a tax increase in Boone County. Americans are overtaxed at all levels, now more than ever, with Biden’s inflation gorging into everyone’s income. Government needs to live within its means!  

That is why when this tax comes up for a vote, I am a NO vote. 

Here are several recent articles making my opposition to the Boone County tax increase clear. I have been taking hard hits from proponents of the tax increase for my refusal to surrender to their demands for higher taxes.

4/18/22 WISH TV: See my response below article – “Their desire to push forward a project with many unanswered questions, however, is one I do not share, especially when that project requires a tax increase.”

4/6/22 Lebanon Reporter:An in-depth op-ed by me that outlines the history of the project and the due diligence that must be done for the sake of taxpayers – “…it would be incumbent upon us to investigate financing options based on dedicating a portion of that growth in tax revenue to pay the bond payments for the project without raising taxes.”

I am a fighter for taxpayers…from stopping a big corporation’s unfair attempt to shift its tax burden to families, farmers and small business owners, to maintaining in Boone County THE LOWEST PROPERTY TAX RATE among all Indiana counties (status verified). I will bring my conservative fiscal management experience to the State Treasurer’s Office and be your STRONG advocate, with depth of conviction, to grow Indiana’s financial assets, because for every dollar earned in interest, that’s one less dollar needed in taxes!  

Keeping taxes low, making money work for Hoosiers, and protecting economic freedom are my TOP PRIORITIES.