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Elise Calls Out Biden Administration Over IRS Snooping

Zionsville, IN – Today, Elise Nieshalla, conservative Republican for State Treasurer, released a new web ad calling out the Biden Administration over its proposed rules to dig into the bank accounts of the American people and track minor transactions, and the grave threat it poses to economic liberty and privacy:

“We know the Biden Administration and their extreme allies in Congress are working to turn America into a socialist country, and their proposal to require banks and credit unions to turn over private citizens’ banking transaction information to the IRS is something you’d expect from a regime like Communist China,” Nieshalla said.  

“Thankfully, state financial officers from around the nation, including our own Indiana State Treasurer Kelly Mitchell, are leading the opposition to the Biden Administration. A letter was recently issued by the State Financial Officers Foundation clearly outlining how this proposal would be an unprecedented invasion of our personal financial privacy,” Nieshalla added.  “As Indiana’s next State Treasurer, I will defend Hoosiers’ economic freedom and privacy.”

Meet Elise

Elise Nieshalla is President of the Boone County Council and is a common-sense, conservative voice in local government. Named 2018 Indiana County Councilor of the Year, Elise is also a hard-working entrepreneur and economic development professional who served on gubernatorial candidate Mitch Daniels’ economic development policy team. And, as a 20-year investor in real estate, Elise oversees property acquisitions and business management for a portfolio of investments.

From managing Boone County’s multi-faceted $51 million budget to reviewing revenue projections and planning for future needs, Elise is committed to the highest standards of fiscal stewardship.  And, she serves one of the fastest growing counties in the state that maintains one of the lowest property tax rates of all 92 counties.  

Elise also serves as the Vice President of the Indiana County Councils Association (ICCA) and on the Board of Directors for the Association of Indiana Counties (AIC), where she works with Indiana’s lawmakers on county issues including infrastructure funding, home rule, and tax matters. Regarding tax matters, Elise led the charge for Boone County, ICCA and AIC to defend taxpayers from an unfair tax burden shift that resulted in two court case wins for Boone County, setting precedent for all Indiana counties in defending their taxpayers.

Elise has been married to Chris for 25 years and they have four children who they are raising on the bedrock of faith, family and freedom.

Learn more at www.EliseforTreasurer.com