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The Bright Light of Freedom and Hoosiers’ Entrepreneurial Spirit

Now more than ever, we need state officials who will stand up and defend our freedom and our values from the increasingly aggressive encroachments and attacks from President Biden, Nancy Pelosi and the liberal extremists in Congress. 

As Treasurer, I will protect economic freedom, defend our God-given rights to life and liberty, and advocate for America’s timeless and great founding principles. We have lost so much of the effective America First policies of President Trump and Vice President Pence in the last year and a half, and we can see the failure of the Biden agenda with record inflation, a supply chain crisis, a border crisis, surging crime rates and woke liberalism tearing at the fabric of our country.

I will stand for free enterprise and the entrepreneurial spirit of Hoosiers that solves critical problems, values our liberty and promotes individual responsibility. Indiana is indeed a beacon to the nation, and as your next State Treasurer, I will make sure our light shines bright!

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I look forward to meeting you and sharing my vision for serving as Indiana’s next State Treasurer.  I will work hard to earn your vote and keep the State Treasurer’s Office in Republican hands to defend our economic freedom!